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Physiotherapy delivers a vast array of treatment techniques which help to restore and improve body movements and functions.

Psychological health is enhanced by physical wellbeing and at barn house physiotherapy the treatment is as individual as you are.

Running and walking clinic

Running clinic at barn house physiotherapy

Nicola Blower at running clinic specialist at barn houseNicola Blower is a podiatrist and has completed additional training to specialise further within the field of musculo-skeletal podiatry. Nicola has set up a running/walking clinic at barn house physiotherapy on Thursdays.

Nicola uses the best clinical care and technology to alleviate painful lower limb conditions of all descriptions. Expert clinical knowledge and the latest techniques are combined to alleviate your symptoms and get you on the move again.

Nicola works alongside and communicates with the barn house physiotherapists to fully ensure an integrated approach to treatment and to rehabilitate you back to full function.

Nicola offers four services at barn house physio:

Biomechanical assessment

The way bones are shaped, joints move, muscles and soft tissues function dynamically contributes to the way we walk and move.  During a biomechanical assessment, the joints, muscles and other soft tissues of the lower limb are assessed, with particular detail to areas of pain.  During this assessment, the shape of bones, movement of joints and function of muscles, plus much more, are noted in non-weight-bearing and weight-bearing positions in order to understand possible causes of pain and dysfunction. What is noted in the biomechanical assessment will also form part of a ‘prescription’ if providing foot orthoses or braces.

Gait analysis

barn house physiotherapy clinic is equipped with dual-camera video gait analysis systems making it possible to record movement and then analyse it frame by frame.  The equipment can be used in-situ when looking at running on the treadmill, handheld to look at walking normally without the aid of a treadmill and also to review other movement patterns where necessary, such as particular movements in sport or in the work place. 

It is also possible for Nicola to review video brought in or sent to her of, e,g, running in competition on a track or other activities that have been videoed elsewhere (most generic video formats are compatible with her software).  Video gait analysis is an invaluable tool within the barn house physio clinic and it is also used in gait re-training and footwear assessment, but it is always done alongside a full manual assessment so that Nicola knows exactly what is causing your pain.

Running shoe and footwear assessment

Shoes play a vital role in how our feet function. Whether you are a runner, sportsperson or just involved in day-to-day activities the right shoe for the job is vitally important.  As a member of The Society of Shoe Fitters and with extensive experience in working with sports footwear of all kinds, Nicola provides a comprehensive footwear assessment process starting from measuring your feet properly and progressing to working with our partner shoe retailers to get you into the right shoe for your activity. She also provides a footwear modification service for more complicated foot and ankle presentations and assesses the function of running shoes.

Foot orthoses

Foot orthoses are devices that are worn in shoes either to change the way the foot works whilst walking or to provide cushioning or support. They are also used to address pains outside of the foot, such as ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Nicola does not prescribe orthoses for all of her patients. Orthoses are very effective when prescribed correctly, but they are not appropriate for everyone and can cause more problems if prescribed when they shouldn’t have been.

More information about the various types that Nicola prescribes can be found on the Walkrite web site.


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